For over 30 years MRP Motorsport has offered their MRP Speed Schools having introduced thousands of people to karting and kart racing by visiting a MRP Speed School, not to mention the many professional race drivers that honed their skill at an MRP track or school. There is a program available for all experience levels, from beginner to pro, or age group, from 8 years old and UP.  Browse our programs below and make sure you read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

"GO KIDS" KARTING SCHOOL//*  We offer the most in-depth junior karting development program in the country! With schools and youth training programs geared for the very beginner to advanced programs designed to hone the skills of even the most skilled junior karting, we have a program that will turn you into a champion kart racer! Ages 8 and up


MECHANIC CLASS//*  Want to learn how to work on your new kart? We offer training programs for parents or guardians that want to learn how to work on the equipment while their son or daughter learns to race or the new-kart-owner looking to shave several months off their learning curve.


 CLINICS & SEMINARS//*  MRP Speed Schools offers custom clinics and seminars that cover a variety of topics - from chassis dynamics & theory to data acquisition! These are designed for groups of 8 or more and can be held trackside or in remote locations depending on topic.




PROGRAM ONE// Intro To Karting
Never been involved in karting? Want to give it a try? Try our Intro-To-Karting course. This is a three-hour school including classroom instruction, safety briefing and plenty of track time in one of our racing karts. Intro-to-karting sessions can be private or with groups and we will utilize either our 9.0 HP powered ROCK KARTS or 125cc water-cooled ROTAX-powered racing karts, depending on your experience and comfort level. All ages are welcome!

PROGRAM TWO// Intermediate Karting Classes*
Are you ready to take the next step? Our intermediate course is available as a private or semi-private class and brings you up to the next level in karting. We use real racing karts and more intense instruction for both the driver and basics of the kart itself. Course lengths vary. We teach to the level to challenge each student .

PROGRAM THREE// Advanced Karting Classes*
The Advanced Karting class puts you behind the wheel of one of several high-performance racing karts. Available in half-day or full-day time blocks, MRP gives you the chance to hone your skills in the 29hp Rotax Max kart, a push-button start race kart or the powerful 2-speed DD2 Rotax Shifter (if available), the ultimate racing machine.  The course includes in-depth instruction, kart rental & safety equipment.




  • What schools are available?
    All the schools listed above are available, though if you are looking for custom coaching - we can assist in developing a training program or curriculum molded to your specific needs. We have assisted with mental focus programs, fitness for karting & braking & passing drills for those that have completed our intermediate curriculum.
  • How do I schedule a class?
    Schools may be booked on an in individual or group basis depending on school type and season. All schools are "by appointment" and vary depending on instructors available and available track-time based on schedule. To book a school or learn more about available schools, call in season (April to November) at 574-288-4922 or 269-756-9133 during off season or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • How long is a typical school?
    Schools vary in length depending on curriculum. Kid Kart classes start in 90-minute blocks, while intro programs start at 3-hours. Most other programs are 4-5 hours in length with the option for "FULL DAY".
  • Is there a minimum class size?
    There is no minimum class size. With the exceptions of seminars and clinics, schools can be scheduled with a single student. Most schools are limited to 3 or 4 participants.
  • What does a school cost?
    Schools vary in price based on length. School sessions start as low as $150 and can go up to $600 for advanced. The price will also vary depending on if equipment rental is necessary.
  • What is covered in the class? Is there a syllabus?
    Each program has a curriculum that is covered. You can find most of this information on the individual program pages linked from the descriptions above. As with any program, we can customize to emphasize specific needs.
  • What should I bring with me?
    All drivers are required to sign a waiver, all drivers under the age of 18 years old are required a PARENTAL CONSENT FORM in addition to waiver. If parent or guardian is NOT in attendance, we require a NOTORIZED & SIGNED parent release form. You MUST BRING - LONG PANTS/JEANS & CLOSED-TOP SHOES. Sandals and shorts ARE NOT PERMITTED on the track. If you have your own safety gear (helmet, gloves, suit) you are welcome to bring to use, otherwise we have safety equipment available. For long schools, it is recommended to bring a snack, packed lunch or other food items. We have refreshments available for sale in our pro shop. Catering is also available upon request in advance.
  • Can I bring my own kart or do I need to rent one of the school karts?
    Yes - there is an asterisk(*) next to each school that you can bring your own kart to participate with. In this account - we are not responsible for mechanical failures of your equipment that keep you from your allotted school time.


Sun Jun 21 @ 8:00AM - 06:00PM
2020 MRP Championship Series
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2020 MRP Championship Series
Sun Jul 12 @ 8:00AM - 06:00PM
2020 MRP Championship Series
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2020 MRP Championship Series
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2020 MRP Championship Series

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