No Spring Fling was planned for 2020. We can produce your own 2 , 3 or 4 hour team event. Here is a basic format.

An advance entry deposit is required $100 call with cr card or pay pal Info. The price for the team is based on the number of drivers and hours. We run a Le Mans style start and starting positions will be determined by date of full payment for the team. Ten teams are required in order to produce this event and we have a limit of 20 teams. For details text or call 269 720 9196

Track Entry: Please enter through the center gate north of the tower. Go directly to sign in at the tower between the scales and tower. Make sure all of your team is with you for weigh in. Drivers who wish to wear their own safety gear are encouraged to do so. Drivers will report to the scale house to weigh in without helmet, suit jacket or any items in your pockets. Please wear light weight shoes such as sneakers or tennis shoes. It is easier to feel the pedal of the kart. Anybody who can bring their own driver gear such as gloves, helmet and jacket it will be appreciated.


  • 7 AM EDT  Gates open
  • Registration and weigh in   8- 9:15
  • Note all drivers must be present and we will conduct driver orientation.
  • Kart draw  9:15 ( all team captains meet)
  • Kart fitting and sort 10- 10: 20
  • Practice 10:30- 11 AM
  • 11:10  Drivers meeting
  • 12 PM Race starts


The starting line-up is based on arrival of time and date of PAID ENTRY

It will be a LeMans type start in the inner circle of the track. Remember we are running backwards. Position one will be at the far west end of the circle nearest the pavilion. Engines will be running and held in place by a team-mate. There will be a dash to the karts from a predetermined distance. No push off of the driver or kart is allowed.

The most laps recorded in the 2-Hour time frame wins. The checkered flag shows at the 3-hour mark after the first kart crosses the timing loop. A clock will be mounted along track side to be able to guess how much time is left.

BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE: In the past the heavy guys have been at a disadvantage. Beat the Heat helped fine tune a scoring system for us to help equalize driver skills and not penalizing heavy drivers.Average team weight of drivers:  take the total of the scale weight and divide by number of drivers.

** Note if the kart breaks (such as brake failure or throttle breaks or belt breaks), your team will be set to enter another kart at the pit lane. You will maintain the same lap time as the last recorded lap with a surrogate driver (the driver who was in front of you at the time of the failure recording your lap times up until your team mate rejoins the race with a different kart. It is critical that the team watch their on track driver for any potential failure. (In the two hour event of beat the heat there were no failures) A more detailed explanation will be held at the drivers meeting.

Be early so each team will get a private driver briefing to update you as to our rules and policies and attitude for safe and fair driving for all.

Help is needed to make this our biggest and most successful event ever. It pays money. Call Garry to let him know you can work for pay. 269-720-9196 or text the same number.