REAL NEWS as of March 29,2023

We are hopeful to have the track available for practice by advance appointment By April 8th. At this time we are looking for an entire new crew to run the race day program and to assist on arrive and drive programs. A new office manager will be named next week who comes from the entertainment business. ( golf) This is a welcome addition with lots of new energy and ideas.

Let me know if you have interest in any of the positions available.

Race director,
Grid steward
Front gate
Assistant race director
And all corner positions.
These are paid positions with 1099’s for year end.

Any Rotax racer looking for tires will need to let me know your needs for supplies as we have not brought in any of the Hoosier 7.10 awaiting the entry list. Please do not wait to the last minute and call garry 269 720 9196 . Paul will be returning to his home in Wisconsin for his medical needs and savings on travel time.


2023 Michiana Raceway Park Pricing

Rental Karts:
2 10-minute Rock Kart Sessions $50 Minimum height 60” Age 14
3 10-minute Rock Kart Sessions $65
4 10-minute Rock Kart Sessions $80 (includes timing and scoring)
Gas powered engines, the real deal.


Intro Karting School $275 Age 13+, 4hours of instruction time in 9HP Rock Karts The clock starts at the
time they first take to the track.
Intermediate School $375 4hours instruction transitioning from 9HP Rock Karts to 26HP Rotax Karts The
clock starts at the time drivers take to the track.
Advanced Karting School $450 4 hours of instruction time in the 26HP Rotax Karts. The clock starts at
the time the driver first take to the track.

Race Day Entry Fees:

Membership fee for championship points $65
Race event fee $70 for Member plus pit pass
$95 Non-Member plus pit pass
$25 Transponder Rental
$125 1-Hour Rock Kart Endurance Race (3 drivers needed to sign in advance) available
race days during intermission. One hour straight.


Daily Practice: $65 (pit pass included) Each driver
Season Practice: $350 (need to purchase pit pass separately each date)
Each additional family member for season practice is $150 (Limited to same household)
**Practice Pass does not apply to Regional or National race practice

Pit Passes:

1 Day – $15 2 Day – $20 3 Day – $25 consecutive days

Garage Rental: $1800 Front $1500 Rear – Includes pit spot in front of your garage
Race Tires by Hoosier $249 LO206 tax included
Rotax $249 tax included.
Please order one week in advanc

2023 Pricing track all services update color revised

NEWS AS OF FEB 26, 2023


Practice days are open with 12 hour advance text

Staff needed for race dates and weekend events

EMT OR paramedic in high demand

News fit to print 2/21/23

I will attempt to update this section of the website for current information about the 2023 track activities.

We are looking for help in the new season. A full-time counter / and record keeper for the office is needed.

Inquire directly 269 720 9196 text or cell.

New practice Hoosier tires are available at this time for those looking for new material for pre-season testing. Supply is limited until April 15th.

We will offer practice days from time to time when weather is above 40degrees. Please call or text ahead if you have needs. I live an hour away and Paul is busy with therapy sessions in recovery from shoulder surgery, so our time is limited.


  • Race 1 – May 7 – Track A

  • Race 2 – June 4 – Track B w/ Horseshoe

  • Race 3 – June 25 – Track C w/o Horseshoe

  • Race 4 – July 9 – Track A

  • Race 5 – July 23 – Track B w/o Horseshoe

  • Race 6 – August 31 – Track C w/ Horseshoe

  • Race 7 – Aug 27 – Track A

  • Race 8 – September 10 – Track B w/ horseshoe

  • Each Date consists of two races. The best 13 of 16 races are totaled for points.

    Points start at the time of Membership purchase.

  • Class structure

    LO 206 light 340 wt. (age of 14 required)

    Rotax Sr. Light 380 lbs.

    LO 206 Heavy 375

    Rotax Sr. Masters (Heavy) 440 lbs.

    Hoosier Tire pricing. $249 tax included

    Rain tires $269 tax included.

    Request membership forms at
    Or text/call 269 720 9196
    Complaints or suggestions?