Good evening everyone! I hope everyone has had a good start to the week. We’re all getting into the groove of the season now and though it’s still early, I can see some of us fighting really hard and not taking anything for granted out there. It certainly gives the track team more to be observant of in each session but as the saying goes, we love to see it.

We’re still working though some technical aspects of scoring but stay tuned, the plan is to start posting race results along with championship standings in each of these briefings afterwards to keep you all properly informed with who is where. I will also share any rulings on incidents that occurred during sessions that required review from the track Marshals and Director. The reason for sharing rulings is to further provide record for the incidents, transparency in how decisions are made and awareness to the mentioned drivers if they were not present at the time of the decision.

Light 206: 

Incident 1-

No / Driver: Kart #5
Session: Race 5
Fact: Collision with Kart #41 & #50 at turn 1.
Decision: No further action.
Reason: The MRP team reviewed video evidence and concluded that Kart #5 made unintentional contact with Kart #50 which resulted in collision with Kart #41 into Turn 1. The MRP team concludes this as a racing incident as the racing field was in close proximity and equally racing for the same ground at the race start.

Incident 2- 

No / Driver: Kart #55
Session: Race 5
Fact: Collision with Kart #7
Decision: No further action.
Reason: The MRP team reviewed evidence and concluded that whilst both drivers
contributed to the collision, neither was wholly or predominantly to blame.

Despite all moments of contact from this weekend being regarded as hard racing, I would like to remind everyone in this club that while we are competing in the same race, we are all here for different reasons and under our own circumstances. I ask that everyone please be mindful not only of overall safety but the amount of investment everyone makes to be here 8 weekends in the summer. This is open wheel racing and while bumping and slight contact can be inevitable, it would be a mistake to broadly consider it as the standard. Please respect your equipment as well as the equipment of your competitors.

Thank you everyone the has submitted questions to me via email or through our request for review forms. It gives me record to refer back to so that I can take time during the week to study the topic and return with a thorough response to questions, suggestions or concerns.


    • Weight scales were a topic that a lot of us were able to weigh in on (hehe). If anyone experiences a DNF during a qualifying or race session, it is ultimately your responsibility to bring your kart to the weight scales so that we may confirm legality and classify you for the race. Our team has been made aware if they are bringing you in for recovery but at the the end of the day, it’s your race, therefore the task lies with you to make it to the scale and confirm your kart is at weight.
    • Some of us had overall questions in regards to how drops may be used for this season. I will provide further clarity on the matter before Races 5 & 6.
    • Though we have a very skilled field of driver in a classes of this event, scrubbing tires in any session of the day is prohibited.
    • Drivers are given 1 out lap at the race start followed by a formation lap to generate heat.
    • On cold or wet days drivers will be permitted 2 out laps followed by a formation lap to generate better heat.
    • This is a third reminder. Take advantage of your outlap(s) to generate heat. Nothing more.
  • CALENDAR AND LAYOUTS: There has been a change to the calendar recently. Please review and adjust your calendars.
    • May 1
      • Track A
    • May 15
      • Track B W/ Horseshoe
    • June 12
      • Track C W/O Horseshoe
    • June 26
      • Track A
      • Race 1 – NO INVERSION
      • Mid- Season Championship Race 2 – Double Points
    • July 3
      • Track B  W/O Horseshoe
    • July 31
      • Track C W/ Horseshoe
    • August 14
      • Track A
    • Sept 11
      • Track B W/ Horseshoe
  • *August 21*
    • ***CUP KARTS RACING***
    • ***Track A***

Check back in the week leading up to races 5 & 6 for an update on some of the topics you folks have been reaching out to me about.

Everyone have a good week!