Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a restful weekend and my apologies for the delay in our regular briefings.

First I’d like to thank everyone for the patience you’ve shown as we’ve worked to get our club organized and provide clarity on a lot of elements to our series that haven’t been mentioned or followed for a while. Our major goal at MRP this season is to not only to enhance safety but to help everyone understand what’s within the rules and regulations of our championship series.

This briefing will be simple as everyone put forth a great effort to keep the racing fun and clean despite a little bit of wet fun at the end.


Moving forward, I will be sharing our finishes and standings at the end of every race in these briefings so you all know where you are ahead of each weekend. They’ll be linked through the Speedhive on MyLaps. Make note: the drops of course will be added at the end of the season, so keep that in mind.

To bring some clarity on how our points system works, it goes as follows:

  • 1st place is worth 50pts. 2nd is 47pts. 3rd is 44pts and from there it descends by 1pt per place.
  • +1 bonus point for the fastest lap in qualifying
  • +1 bonus point if you win both races

At the end of the season, the 13 best finishes of 16 will be counted to tally your points total.

You can drop a DNF (Did not finish), You cannot drop a DSQ (Disqualification).

There’s a bit of unhappiness amongst some of us over the fact that we use a drop system here, but the simple reality is that this is a club event. We’re all dead serious about racing, but even within that context some of us may face obligations or results that we can’t ignore. The drop system is here to provide a little bit of mercy for some of those elements that may be outside of our control, be it a mechanical failure, a family event, or obligatory overtime work at our jobs. It’s as simple as that. If someone would like to discuss for further clarity, please meet with me after the next event and I can discuss it with you.


Go Karts are made of parts that are supposed to move and parts that need to stay put. We’ve had some concerning incidents where karts have gone out and lost equipment that’s posed a hazard to everyone on the field. Last weekend someone was struck by a ballast weight which may be the most concerning incident we’ve had so far this season. Incidents like these unfortunately are not uncommon but we need to be doing everything we can to prevent them from happening. Equipment gets hot, it vibrates, it shakes loose and it breaks, I get it. We still need to be doing everything we can to ensure everything is tight and secure before we go out in each session.

We’re working on defining a clear rule for losing parts on karts and identifying what is reasonably preventable and what is not.

In hopes that we can start to get on the right track with this issue, we’re going to make this new rule a simple one. Any kart that looses a ballast weight on track will be disqualified (DSQ) from the session and will not be permitted back on track until they’ve proven that they have secured their weights properly. If it takes place during a practice session you may face a grid penalty for the first race.

It’s not a perfect rule, but I hope this is one we can all agree on.

Without further wait, here are the current results and standings in our season:

206 Light

Rotax Light

206 Heavy

Rotax Heavy

Thank you all again, I look forward to seeing you this weekend!